Three ways to spice up your images at your next photoshoot

JANUARY 2024 - The MoPho Workshop in Spokane, WA

Don’t be afraid to play and create just for the sake of fun and trying new things! I learned so much at the MoPho workshop hosted by Laurken Kendall earlier this year and I want to share some of the cool things I learned with you. Try these three ways to spice up your images at your next photoshoot.

PHOTOGRAPHY: @rachelveltriphoto / EDUCATIONAL WORKSHOP: @mophoworkshop by @laurkenkendall

Here’s three ways to add a lil spice to your images at your next photoshoot!

1). Turn off the lights and use a color adjustable LED light to completely change the mood and vibe of your image. The one I use is the Lume Cube RGB Panel Go. It can attach to the hot shoe of your camera or you can use it handheld to get really creative and weird with it. It’s super affordable on Amazon- go get one for your camera bag you will not regret it! You can also get really creative and artsy with just a plain old flashlight. 

2). Use a sunset lamp and manipulate the light in fun ways with your subjects. You can capture cool colorful orbs and light flares with it, adding a special energy to the image. 

3). Slow your shutter speed down and “paint” with the light. You can spread the color of the different ambient lighting when you slow your shutter and drag the color with wonky movements. 

If you found these tips helpful and inspiring then you need to sign up for @mophoworkshop with mother @laurkenkendall because that’s where I learned most of these wild tidbits of wisdom. Since the day she taught me this, my art has never been the same

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