APRIL 2024
of RVP

I am the confidant of the introverts, the cheerleader of the adventurous, and the voice for the moments that leave you breathless.

APRIL 2024
of RVP

With a heart as fiery as my red hair and a spirit as free as the wind, I approach every project with an open heart and a keen eye, ready to capture the unscripted, the spontaneous, and the utterly real. Here, you’ll get to know me — not just as your photographer but as your friend, your collaborator, and your partner in crime in creating art that acts as a time capsule into this chapter of your life.

A Peek Into

How I Ended Up Here

From the joyous chaos of family shoots to the electric buzz of my first wedding gig, my path has been anything but linear. Photographing my first wedding wasn’t just about the money; it ignited a fire in me, a realization that this — immortalizing love in its rawest form — was my calling. Little did I know, this journey would lead me through the highest highs and the most challenging lows.

My personal plunge into the wedding world was less than fairy-tale-like. The outcome? A heartache over photos that couldn’t tell the story of my day and a five-month wait that ended in tears at a Costco print counter. This experience, heart-wrenching as it was, planted a seed: a vow to be the photographer I needed, one who would fight for every couple’s right to relive their wedding day through beautiful, meaningful photos.

Armed with a love for English literature and a penchant for capturing life’s spontaneous moments, I set out to translate the love stories of my couples into visual narratives. Each wedding, each portrait session became a page from my favorite novels, filled with genuine emotion, timeless romance, and a dash of the unexpected.

(pure friendship –  comfortable
and safe enough to create art)

What You’ll Get
From Me

Within me resides an energy that’s as vibrant as the first stroke of dawn, warm like a midsummer’s evening, and comforting as the familiar melody of your favorite song. This essence, this aura, is the beacon that guides my people to me — like moths to a flame, drawn by the promise of being seen in a new light. Through the lens of my creativity and my unique perception of beauty, I invite you to discover yourselves as living, breathing works of art. It’s in the authenticity of being unapologetically me that I encourage you to peel back your layers, to stand boldly in your truth alongside me. This mutual vulnerability becomes our canvas, and the trust it fosters, our medium. My clients are drawn to the sanctuary I offer, a place where the act of being photographed transcends vulnerability, transforming it into an empowering affirmation of your own beauty and worth. In this space, you’re not just seen; you’re celebrated, every facet of your being illuminated and admired.


Mac Miller


Challenging Puzzles


Being up at 3:30 a.m. to hit the gym


Basketball, volleyball, softball


Chips & queso

My Core Values As An Artist

In the heart of my craft and the essence of my being, three core values stand as the pillars of  everything I create: Expression, Connection, and Authenticity. These are not just words to me; they’re a manifesto, a guiding light that shapes how I approach my art, my clients, and indeed, my life.


is the freedom to be, to feel, and to live out loud. Photography, in my eyes, is a form of expression that transcends words, capturing the unspoken, the ephemeral, and the profound. It’s about giving voice to the silent laughter, the quiet glances, and the unguarded moments. As an artist, a mother, and a human navigating the complexities of life, I understand deeply the importance of expressing oneself fully and unreservedly. This understanding fuels my desire to create a space where you, too, can freely express your love, your joy, and your true self.


is the invisible thread that weaves through the fabric of human experience, binding us in shared stories and emotions. My approach is built on the foundation of genuine connection — connecting with you not just as clients, but as friends. This connection begins the moment you reach out, turning the vulnerability of being in front of the camera into a shared experience, one where we come out of it closer than we were before. It’s in these moments of connection that the magic truly happens, where photographs become more than images — they become memories imbued with meaning.


is the courage to show up as we are, in all our flawed, beautiful humanity. It’s a value I live by and one I encourage in every person I work with. In a world that often demands masks and performances, I offer a sanctuary of authenticity. I am unabashedly human — flawed, learning, growing — and I bring this authenticity into every aspect of my work. It’s this realness that invites you to be equally real with me, to see your photographs not just as pictures, but as reflections of your true selves. I believe in the power of authenticity to transform vulnerability into strength, allowing us to create art that’s not only seen but felt.

These values — Expression, Connection, Authenticity — are the heartbeat of my work. They guide me as I navigate the beautiful chaos of life and art, ensuring that what I offer you is not just a service, but an experience. An experience  where you are seen, understood, and celebrated for the incredible, unique individual you are. Together, let’s create  something that’s not just memorable, but profoundly meaningful — a testament to the art that is life itself.

Love Notes From My Muses

Rainey Sharp

“Her photos are like a work of art and her passion shines through them. She is not only a photographer but an artist. She makes everyone in the room feel at ease when she is around and that means a lot when you have a husband who hates taking pictures. If you are looking for a photographer who is passionate, kind, hilarious, and wildly talented, Rachel is your girl.”

Desmine Lee

“She is the most sweet, thoughtful, and caring person. Rachel has a way of making you feel so good and excited about the entire process. On the day of our wedding we felt like Rockstars. Rachel is your number one hype man and she makes everything so fun. We got our photos back and they are more than I could have ever expected. I look at them and it's like I'm right back there. She is so talented and if you choose her to be your photographer you won't be disappointed.”

Teddy McCullough

“There are special moments in life, especially on a wedding day, that are so random and sporadic, that they are seemingly impossible to capture, but somehow, Rachel is able to capture every single one. Rachel produced the most beautiful photos, better than anyone could have expected. While her work speaks for itself, working with Rachel is exceptional. We didn’t know what to expect from our day, but Rachel is flexible and patient and able to handle any situation with ease.”

Bailee Cochran

“Blown away by my images, Rachel has an incredible eye for artistry & detail to showcase your confidence & beauty. She is professional, charismatic & so fun to work with. So comfortable & effortless to work with & her posing guidance brings out your best! Hands down recommend Rachel if you want not just beautiful but artistic photography.”

Rori McBride

“Rachel's skill and dedication to her craft are evident in every shot. These photographs will be cherished for generations to come, thanks to her exceptional talent and professionalism. If you're looking for a photographer who can turn moments into memories, Rachel is the one to choose.”



How far in advance should we book our session?

To ensure availability, it’s best to reach out as soon as you have a date in mind, especially for weddings and events. I typically book sessions 6-12 months in advance but don’t hesitate to inquire about dates even if your timeline is shorter!


Do you travel for shoots?

Yes, I love to explore new places and document your love story wherever it unfolds! Travel fees apply for locations outside a certain radius of my base, so please share your plans, and we can discuss the details.


What’s included in your photography packages?

Each package is thoughtfully curated to provide a comprehensive experience, including a specified number of shooting hours, professionally edited high-resolution images, and a private online gallery. For detailed information about wedding, elopement, and portrait packages, feel free to drop a message!


Can we customize a package to fit our needs?

Absolutely! I understand that every story is unique, so I’m more than willing to tailor a package that aligns perfectly with your vision and requirements.


How long does it take to receive our photos?

You can expect to receive a sneak peek within a week after your session or event, with the full gallery ready in 6-8 weeks. I take great care in editing each photo to ensure it meets my artistic standards.


Do you offer prints or albums?

Yes, I do! There’s something magical about holding your memories in your hands. I offer a variety of high-quality print products and custom-designed albums that can be added to any package.


How do we book you for our date?

Booking is simple! Just send me a message through the contact form with your details and requirements. From there, we’ll schedule a chat to get to know each other better and discuss your vision. A signed contract and a deposit are required to secure your date.