Courthouse Elopement and 7/11 After Party

Colorado Weddings

Who says you have to have a big wedding and reception to make your nuptials official? Get inspired by this fun courthouse elopement where we took portraits on the steps outside, and then went to the nearest 7/11 to make it official with a peach ring exchange and Slurpees instead of your traditional ring ceremony and a champagne toast.

Kirsten + RJ are proof that your wedding celebration can look and feel however you want it to. In this case, it meant a fun courthouse ceremony, wedding portraits that belong in Vogue, all followed by a peach ring exchange and slurpee toasts at the local 7/11 in downtown Denver, CO. Iconic.

Send this to someone who is far from traditional and wants to seal the deal with a courthouse elopement or ceremony instead of a large wedding! These are my jam! I’ll be there to turn it into a lasting work of art. Fill out the form on my contact page and we can plan something incredible together.

PHOTOGRAPHY: @rachelveltriphoto